Before the beginning

14 Jan 2016
Before the beginning

We are the first bottom up storytelling platform in Greece, we create and communicate inspiring stories about ideas, experiences, and projects. 
It was during the springtime of 2014, while sitting next to a Cretan seashore.
we were just a bunch of friends
who were worrying about the current situation in Greece.
We tried to find ways to be useful, to participate in good things.
Our only tool was our expertise (each one in their sector), and our desire to make something meaningful.
Our goal was to bring out the covered but authentic side of Greece via authentic stories told by Greeks or people who love Greece. 
It was just then when we sowed the seed of CHARACTERS.
So, we started to work.
We decided to inspire with the below the line authentic stories that do happen in Greece.
It is about all those people who
create, inspire, motivate, produce and educate.
They are
the misfits
the thinkers
the doers
the visionaries
the humans…
Those who have the power to move the Hellenic idea further.
And they are everywhere.
Via their stories, they prove that an enlightened Greece is hiding. 
This Greece can be found in every-day Greeks, in everyday actions, in everyday stories.
All unique and authentic.

What we are today, it is because of those who have rejected us.
They make us try harder to meet our goals.
We are proud of what we are, thanks to those who have accepted us.
Because now we know very well.
We made all this journey just to arrive at the start point.