Strategic branding & storytelling

We help brands to develop their strategies and tell their stories 

We work closely with each of our clients to understand their needs and their goals.
Since 2000, the founders of CHARACTERS have been worked in journalism and communication, marketing, storytelling branding and exports for both multinational and leading s/m enterprises obtaining international exposure and experience.
Have been working effectively in teams from more than15 nationalities. 
Our diversified experience in several industries, will help you to see your business outside the box. 

Reinvent your identity. 


  • A fully formed & expressed brand character
  • A clear brand identity relevant to the new environment 
  • A brand strategy plan and implementation
  • A dinstictive perceivable position in the market 
  • A cohesive business culture aligned with the brand strategy 
  • A map of opportunities and challenges for the brand in the post COVID environment
  • Targeted and updated communication content and brand touch points (at any possible form)
  • Expression of the brand strategy and the unique character via storytelling  (at any possible form)



  • Improved perceptions of product performance 
  • Differentiated brand
  • Less vulnerability to marketing crisis and competitors’ attack
  • Build strong relationships with stakeholders
  • Quality sales leads
  • Larger margins 
  • Create loyalty and inelastic demand
  • Increased communication effectiveness in terms of cost/result
  • Additional brand extension opportunities 
  • Better adaptability to new market’ needs
  • Improved employee recruiting and retention
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Delivered projects to:

Sony S.A. 


Vacaar Saab

EFG Eurobank


Soya Hellas

Pure Hydration (UK)

Clusters of French artisans (handmade art) (FR)

Tofillo, natural herbs

Calypso (EVOO)

Zaros (Mineral water)

Terra Creta  (EVOO)

Baladinos (Diary products)

Chiotakis ABEE 

Paterakis ABEE

Lambakis (cured meat products)

Stonetech Group AEBE (Marble & natural stone company)

Independent professionals

8 women cooperation

Gerovassiliou Estate

Meet My Mama