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This is what happens when you inspire mamas to cook

 Meet my mama Oct 22. 2020
by Meet my mama

Meet My Mama is a catering company that reveals the culinary talents of women from all over the world, from all ages and all social backgrounds, and enables them to become entrepreneurs and actors in a more inclusive, sustainable and responsible society. Empower My Mama is an association and a comprehensive support system dedicated to women empowerment, which aims to enable them to become women cooks, independent and entrepreneurs. 

Our actions :

Inspiration: deconstructing stereotypes, removing psychological barriers and encouraging them to gain self-confidence;
Training: diploma and professional training courses carried out within the framework of the Mama's Academy;
Support: with a secure network of peers, experts and professional opportunities;
Coaching: tools and legal, social and administrative assistance, personalized support in the construction of their offers and the realization of their professional projects. 

"When you value a person's talent, you give them the power to make their dreams come true." 



The Mamas come from Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa... In career change, refugees, immigrants, expatriates, they dream of only one thing: to reveal their culinary savoir-faire, their generosity, their culture and their journey. 

What are the advantages for the Mamas ?
Train and obtain qualifications and certificates essential for the development of their activities
Develop and enhance culinary skills, whatever their professional level at the entrance in the Mama's Academy
Break stereotypes and changing the way we look at their cultures (Re)create social bonds
Get out of isolation, in some cases in very precarious situations Participate in the promotion of craftsmanship and home-made products in France
Become actors of positive change in France 

Empower My Mama contributes to local employment and integration by promoting training through the Mama's Academy and by offering job opportunities in the catering sector to women who are passionate about cooking. 

Training at the Mama's Academy is based on a common core curriculum: Being an entrepreneur: becoming a manager, having an entrepreneurial mindset
Being a chef-caterer: environmental issues, quality and hygiene in the kitchen, culinary design, etc...
Being a Mama: the essential tools to be autonomous and independent (self-confidence, digital, etc...)
In addition to this core curriculum, there are specialization courses such as the Mamas Solidaires project, working in a restaurant or culinary workshops. 

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