ELLIS Island. Looking for a new life

The movie. The story

Characters team Jan 26. 2016
by Characters team
I remember the sound of winder as I was falling asleep,
the tree branhes was scraping the roof
like people whispering
I arrived here one winter morning
or maybe was spring
I can’t remember anymore,
the mind plays tricks.
Papa has died two weeks before
the ground was frozen where they dug his grave…
Mama left a note in my suitcase telling me
to do something that I would make her proud
to be a good man.
There were so many winters.

I came here because I wanted a home
where I can find peace
where I can be treated like anyone else
where I can be anyone I want to be.

There wasn’t always empty.
They all had to come down here.
People will lined up here
holding suitcases and , their children holding under them for their dear life.
They were young people,
and old people
and lots of them they were completely alone.
They were waiting to reach the guard
at the end of the hall.
The guard would stamp the book and say
“go over there”
I was one of them.
When I got here
I went to a huge room.
Doctors asking these quick questions…
A doctor comes to me and tells me:
“You got to go back”
I say: “Back where?”
He says: “Back where you came from”
I said “ I ‘ve got to go to the New York, I come for a new life”
He says: “No, you can't”
Back home”
and I am fighting,
he doesn’t listen.
he says …”Its just five minutes”
and walked away.
I grabbed my suitcase,
and I went and hidden in the closet behind all these dressing outs.
and it was dark,
and I went hid somewhere else, and somewhere else
I stayed where nobody could find me...
and a week became a month.

I had only one think in mind,
One place to be.
Like you can fly If you had wings
you can swim there
If the current wasn’t so hard...
Lots of people try to get there
I even try to swim once
but I only made a little way.

One night, I met somebody else. She was hiding too.
So we hid together.
Living in night...
and we talked about what would it be when we got to the shore
What our live they’re going to be like…

And one day, she din't wake up…

So I took her body, and put it in the water
watch her floating where she wanted to go…

And I was alone again

“I am sorry, we were so close”

There were all these millions of people who came through here
and I see them all
people of every colour, shape and size.
And I think about all these people who did it,
all those that made it,
made that some distant shore,when they come up the beach or over a bridge or under a road,
they start to walk
and they start walking faster and faster,
 then they are running,
then made it.
They were last, home
but don’t get me wrong, I am the gost of all never got to get there,
and the gost of those who will never get there...

Source:  Ellis 
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