Refugee and refugeeism

Text and designs by two Afghan girls

Najmia Hossaini Jul 08. 2016
by Najmia Hossaini


Two words that we currently hear a lot about. 
Two words not unknown to me.
Refugeeism is what my parents lived in many years ago. 
My mother, my father always talked about it. 
Even though we are the second generation, we cannot find a homeland.
We can reach our homeland only by thought. 
Without ever seeing it, it's in our hearts. 
After a lot of days and months and years, I, myself became a refugee. 
It is a bitter and sad experience. 
Just like that, I understood my parents who were so much nostalgic about the one and only homeland. 
And now I understand why a refugee is always nostalgic.

Even when he smiles. 
Even when it is new year's. 
Even when it is raining. 
Even when it's raining a refugee goes back... to when he went wet in lands afar. 

Because being a refugee means being eradicated from what you love. 
Being a refugee means being nostalgic about home.
Being nostalgic is what you have been through. 
Every time, even one thought of them is enough to hurt you. 
What hurts you is the image of a child refugee that left back the doll they love most. 
The doll who told their secrets to. 
What also hurts you is the figure of an old lady, who looks at you with tears in her eyes. 
Again the figure of a man choking up without a tear shedding, because he has to stay strong, hurts you. 
Refugee and refugeism... two simple words that hide so much meaning. 
Every refugee, when they hear these words, a movie starts showing in his mind. 
It is like a teacher stands in front of him, tired because she is trying to teach him, putting so much effort. 
The first lesson this teacher teaches you is patience. 
Patience taught us not to bond with anything because in a refugees life nothing is stable. 
Only unsertenty is stable. 
The lesson a refugee learned, the very first, is that only he can help himself. Just him. 
He learned that always failure brings you closer to happiness. 
Even when the refugee´s world is always rainy. 
And you, dear friend, if you want to learn about him, learn to not be worried by his silence. 
When you meet him hold for him trust´s umbrella. 
I decided to accept my past without prejudice and trust the present with every single breath of mine. 
Without any fear concerning the future, I will be prepared. 
And you, when you are looking at us... listen to us... and try to feel. 
And pray. 
For refugee´s wet eyes. 
For his hurting soul and for him to find the peace he is seeking. 
Pray for the refugee. 
For his soul to find peace.


The artwork is by Namjmia Hossaini
Storytelling is freely translated from Farsi handwritten text from an entrepreneur at Skisto.

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