Would you ever abandon your dog?

A true story about animals and economy

Characters team Feb 17. 2018
by Characters team


"You are saying that you are animal-loving, would you ever abandon your dog?"
-No, never!
-So, listen to a story.

Today a young man visited me. Eight years ago, he had adopted a shelter dog from here when it was still relatively small, two years old.
He loved it a lot and named it <Bella>, she was indeed a very good-looking and smart animal. He was taking care of her and she went everywhere with him, at the job, at the walk, at home, they were inseparable.
But a year ago the young man lost his job. The crisis, as you can tell... Everything went upside down in his life. He was trying to find a job persistently but in vain. 

The day that he could not anymore survive came and it also applied to his loyal friend. Thus decided to go to the capital, to hopefully find a job there. Initially, he would stay at a friend´s house but...without Bella. He brought her back to me explaining he could not do otherwise. But he would try to find a job and come back. So, he left...When Bella saw him leaving started to bark relentlessly. Her nose was stuck hopelessly at the barbwire of the fence and she looked at him until he walked away. She didn't stop crying for days. 

The young man went to Athens determined to find a job. He had a ton of degrees, he spoke three languages... He would find something. He was promised to be introduced at a real estate agency so he had a job at the moment. With his first wage, he rent a room, bought a second-hand couch-bed and tickets. He was seeking for his loyal friend and went back to the island to take her with him. Nothing would separate them again. Or that what he thought. Not a long time passed and the company his was working at bankrupted. Not a lot of houses were sold anymore... The young man found himself on the street once again. Without any money for rent, food, how would he find food for his loyal friend... Quickly the landlord sent him a message that said he was running low on patience and wanted his rents.  

The young man was trying to find a job all day, he was sending CVs, he went to interviews. When we went back home at night disappointed Bella was waiting for him. His books in his tiny bookshelf and Bella on the couch waiting for him for hours. He didn't know what else to do. He started to sell his books to buy some food for him and the dog. But the books were finished. He had nothing else valuable that he could sell. He fell down, took Bella in his arms and cried. Bella was feeling his pain, she came closer to him with her nose and licked his tears streaming down his cheeks. 

He had no other choice. Dead end. 
He could not keep her. 
He could not even take care of himself.
A day before yesterday he took the boat with Bella and came to the island. From the port until the station they came by bus and went uphill until the iron door. They were soaked from the rain.
He stood in front of me and told me <>
What would I do? I took her inside and before he left he went to his knees, hugged her and for a long time he petted her and talked to her like he was explaining something to a little child:

"Bella please understand me, I don't know what to do
You have to stay here.
I don't have the money to take care of you.
You will suffer with me.
Here they are going to take care of you, they will feed you and keep you company.
Please understand me.
I love you"

The dog leaned forward her head and walked inside, without turning back to look at him...That time she did not bark or cry, she did not react like the first time. It was like she understood like she felt the desperation of her boss. I turned back to look at him. I saw him crying and disappearing into the rain. 

The story was told to us by the dog shelter manager.

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