Natural phenomenon

One natural function in an unnatural city

Georgia Sakka Dower Aug 28. 2018
by Georgia Sakka Dower

A few Saturdays ago, I visited a big city's Department store deciding to take the day of discounts. I was looking to find a great offer, but my tour brought forward in greater. A new mom who was nursing her baby. 

The clutching in her arms so tenderly, whispering of sweet nothings and certainly promises. Ensconced in a remote from the couch showcases presenting her chest in her hungry child. A unique ceremony was unfolding in front of me, this absolute Union and offer. I looked back at the recent breastfeeding with my kids and I got warm within this huge granite department store. I did not manage to exceed the divine dyad when two men, responsible for the "safety" of the area, approached the mom starting to snub for the provocative behaviour, stressing that the area is public and not being allowed to expose the chest While they urged her to get out of the commercial or to continue breastfeeding on toilets!

In the toilets? Between germs and odours? Yelling from teens who exchange lip gloss, noises from hand dryers and water cisterns? 

My thought gained a voice, but not my own but a lady around eighty overtly troubled by the "categories" of "culpable" Mama and visibly shaken by the confrontation continued to support the "heinous" Act, asking the webmaster of Department store. It was bound to be made a trial.

As expected a lawsuit is always public. Several supporters and impugners began to undertake advocacy roles and judges of "heinous" Act. So many women among them. 

Exploited mom time controversy continuing to breastfeed little of weeping silently, throwing away her hair and a piece of fabric up and closing with the free hand of the ear not to bothered by their voices ... certainly pleasing to get fed quickly. So much anguish. Another race, another candidate winning, unfortunately, the given, moreover it was not the first of the genus.

I immersed myself in thoughts and questions. Most mind I could be misunderstanding this top offer? What soul could be offended by this Act? What masculinity might be irritated by this view? I took a look around me. So unique erect, exposed fake tits, don't bother anyone. So much wasted bleach which will surely caress healing all the wounds of the world, does not bother anyone. So many white chopped aligned smiles do not bother anyone, but the only true, natural thing that was done in the falsehood of the moment annoyed almost everyone.

The voice of the defence reinstated me at trial. In view of the store's manager, the old lady was aggressive. I'm sure she didn't expect this woman to hear. 

"Your appearance is more challenging, Miss," she replied. One explaining the regulations sought to unite the buttons on the shirt but it was really impossible.

"The moral compass has been lost, Missy. The small will breastfeed her baby under the protection and support me. If you want, call the police ".

Applause and boos were heard while the audience left and with them the manager.

 It has lost its moral compass? 

I am searching the shamelessness of the mother, her baseness, her intention to provoke while her femininity is being devoured, transforming the once desired breast to breast. Feeding your child, your nephew, your grandchild, society. Who is more vulgar eventually?

I feel annoyed once again in front of the needle of the moral compass. The social coordinate is as strong as the classical mechanics returns net of meaning. I only wish that more specifically the "natural phenomenon" to stop and to find the place it belongs.

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