Hunting the dark

Shooting dark skies

Peter Appelin Aug 12. 2017
by Peter Appelin

Most tourists enjoy the sun drenched beaches and sunny days. We went to Crete to find dark spots with low light pollution to get a glimpse of the Milkyway. Crete, especially the southern part, is among the best places we have yet discovered. So our "nightlife" took place in villages like Thersiso and Lefkogia where there is very little light pollution. These are spots where you are able to see the Milkyway easy with your own eyes.  The conditions were perfect around 23:00-01:30.

During daylight, we looked for interesting places and composition facing south where the Milkyway will be around 23:00h 
Chasing the Milkyway has almost become an addiction to us. Once you start you can't stop. 
It's a great way to discover the beauty of the dark and silence. At some locations you can hear your own heart beat, it's really peaceful. 
We travel all around the world to find these dark spots and other interesting things to put on film. Countries like USA, Costa Roca, Indonesia, Kuwait you name it. Some of our film scenes have been displayed on National Geographic and other TV channels. 

But best spot for dark skies so far is southern Crete, truly amazing place in July for the Milkyway. 

A full-length movie is yet to come. We will come back in October to November and finish it. 
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