Fanouria is not a dog. It is a story

Fanourias story

Aria Athanasaki Oct 04. 2016
by Aria Athanasaki

What to write that is not written again, I think, and it's too late ... Similar stories, on such days ... all, really touching, more or less. Others with good ones and others with less good endings. Let's write one, I do not know the end yet, I say...

End of August, ringing the phone ... - "You are our last hope," I hear ... "a shot dog, under a sign, on the old road to Malaza" will you go "? 

- And I went! And I did not know if I would find it and I knew that if I found it, it would be a heavy and difficult incident ... And it was not there, much further it was too far, almost camouflaged, on a hill ...Standing steel, proudly awaiting the end or salvation ... My beloved Fanouria! So I baptized her! On the day of Saint Fanourios, she was revealed and -oh wonder- she survived!

I approached her a little cautiously, big-toe and heavily injured, leaning almost hesitantly on my feet, picking it up easily, having an old intimacy that we recalled and put it in the car. Me and my other volunteer and friend Chronis, we ran to the on-farm vet. First aid, painkillers, antibiotics, serum, and speculation ... How many bullets, from what, airbrush, jargon, because ... perforated body in chest, sternum, trauma to the throat, under the eye of her patience who unassumingly accepted every help... 

And after my house, in a house at last ... Being almost distorted by the swelling of her badly injured wounds, she lay down as if she were the only one she wanted ... And after a few days, the decision was difficult... Amputation or give her a hope?

In my mind and in my soul, I started to shout and confront ... confused, many opinions that discouraged, only fortunately, my deeply ascertained desire to help her ... and desire became a decision, and it became a journey. .. And Fanouria in our cabin, as if it was the dog I had for years, and I did not need much talk... as if we both knew where we were going and why.

On the same day - night, we return to Chania ... weary, but optimistic ... this - the eyes of pain and patience all night - she fights silently with the pain of the surgery ... I, beside her, sleep and do not sleep, I listen to her breath and pain ... Calm until dawn...

A month later, in that house that was at that time, on the day of St.Fanourios, we were waiting for her "the miracle": to walk back, to tie up her 14 broken bones and to "rebuild" her leg ... Phanouria to turn again, as when it became a moving target for a person who was stimulated by a hatred, to confirm his foolish and colorless self...

A story that has not yet written its epistle but its reason, words of heart and deeds of love in the stray animal - the defenseless creature whose lips are, unfortunately, lacking in the articulation, civilized, human speech - the chirping of mourning, many times ... 

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