...is coming out of the Lesvos island

Mania Bikof Feb 08. 2016
by Mania Bikof
Can it be enough to fill you with hope? That light, that comes deep from our eyes looking for you and welcoming you.
I often wonder...
Light… During the day it fills you with a misleading feeling of safety… It caresses your face, you close your eyes, you pray, you keep you fists tight and your children tighter… you will arrive… you want that.. you beg for it… you succeed… you smile!
You burry your agony in the endless blue of the sea..
But what about during the night?
How much strength, how much courage can the light give you?
This light that jumps off the big fire that we light for you… with wood from other wooden boats that came before you… This wood, you know, carries a flame full of hope. And this light is the light we always keep on, like a lighthouse, to guide you, to keep you fighting… you do not have to close your eyes now, you can keep them wide open, focus on the light.. you anticipate…to arrive… to be relieved…you are coming…
We are there for you. With pure eyes and a bright look, filled with love, relief, with quick moves, we take you away from this boat that brought you… we get you away from the rocks.. we welcome you…we give you warm clothes, a hug and nice words, always looking in your eyes…
How long has it really been since you looked a stranger in the eyes without being scared, and they looked back at you?
The first bright look on the new land…
You will always remember that.. I know it… I can feel it… whenever you get scared again this first look will always remind you of Hope…
Keep it always alive!
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