I have you in my arms

The Lifeguards who save lives on Lesvos

Mania Bikof Jan 31. 2016
by Mania Bikof
I care for you.. Like so many others..With our own two hands we took you off the wooden boat that brought you here and whispered in your ear “it’s all over”, we comforted your frightened mom who was crying..
We were here for you, so you are not afraid anymore, to get you onshore dry, safe. We gave you biscuits and your little brother lollypops. We were here, so you can grow up which ever country you get to, so you can smile and play again. So you do not get scared, so you do not cry. 
Today you reached a friendly, hospitable country, one that despite its own crisis, is trying to handle all this that is happening to you, you family and your friends. It does not turn its back to the problem and its striving to help.. and it’s trying hard.. 
In the cold day, know that our warm hug is here. We were also cold, especially those of us in the water today we could not feel our hands, but we never left the boat that brought you, not even for a moment, if we did, the waves would crush and turn the boat on the rocks. Our own bodies were holding the boat against the current and when the boat that brought you here was completely empty, we, one team, holding each other tight, realised once more that if we were not there some of you might have not made it. 
Until “they” decide that you deserve a better way to reach Europe, until “they” decide that you are not dispensable…

WE will be here. We, the volunteer lifeguards of Lifeguards Hellas together with our friends, brothers and sisters, lifeguards from around the world, will be here. 

I am holding you in my hands and wishing you that your life be filled only with happiness. 
Photo credits: Sharif Zawaiden
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