Night call

What would you do if the dreams of your youth will call you?

Characters team Apr 06. 2017
by Characters team

I return from the meeting, its Monday, late at night. As soon as I take off my shoes, the phone rings. I haven't thought of her for 15 years. She was in town that evening. My thoughts go back, like a movie, in a David Lynch´s soundtrack... back then we went out to expensive restaurants or at the opera. 
Preparation took almost 2 hours and every time, I would show off a brand-new suit or shirt or trousers for our night out...
We would cross bright boulevards to get to even brighter places.
I would always go to pick her up in my new car from her place. 

Something inside you pounds loudly, but you lose your courage at the same time.

With my suit smelling like cigarettes and perfume, I didn't even think to change. 
Neither the unwashed dishes in the sink, nor the garbage bag, that waited for me at the door, prevented me. 
Town was empty, humid and quiet.
I crossed the dark alleys of the neighbourhood and moved on with stubbornness to her hotel. 
My car was now old, it was also unwashed. 
Not even that prevented me from meeting her. 
Because inside me that David Lynch´s movie was still playing. 
It was that thought, that I wanted to relive one moment with her, not one sparkling moment, but one moment that was always hidden back from the shining, and now, is all that's left. 
I hopped off the car and walked the last few meters, approaching the hotel. I made a turn at the hotel´s corner,

the music stopped

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