Chasing the Dream : 2917 meters by a wheelchair on top of Olympus

The story of the 32 years old Leonidas and the ''2917'' project that help him make his dream come true, be the first guy on a wheelchair to climb Mt.olympus peak, Mitikas.

Ioanna Petinaraki Jun 30. 2016
by Ioanna Petinaraki
It all started back in April 2014, when I decided that I wanted to help Leonidas make his dream come true, be the first guy on a wheelchair to climb Mt.olympus peak, Mitikas.
Leonidas is 32 years old and 8 years ago he had an accident, returning from Mt.olympus on his motorbike that confined in a wheelchair.
When I saw him trying for everything, not giving up, having a big support from his buddies I thought that all together we could make it. Go back to the top.

At first it seemed like a really difficult adventure, but that's what kept us going on, willing to achive it. We found people that believed in us from the very beginning and that's what gave us strength to move on.

2917 comes to remind us that nothing is impossible if we really want it and that we have to follow our dreams even the most impossible ones.
It is a mixed media documentary directed by Stratis Chatzielenoudas. The project combines traditional verite narration and animation, which will be created by the well known American animator Patrick Smith.

We've already made some shootings in Athens, Thessaloniki and Olympus and we need your help to reach Olympus peak in july 2016. We've chosen Indiegogo platform because it's a great way to communicate the film and also involve the audience in the creative process of making a film.
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