The Auction | How would it feels if the Greek bailout was an auction

Countries are sold out to make rich companies richer

Ioakim Mylonas  Mar 04. 2016
by Ioakim Mylonas
The idea of the film first came around a couple of years ago. It was filmed last year, and finished just before the negotiation on the third memorandum got started at the Eurogroup.
The idea emerged from the current world economic reality.
Countries are sold out to make rich companies richer.
The film includes both criticism against the economic status quo and a strong intention  to criticize the Greek reality.
This idea was coming out for some time ago and I had to find a way to demonstrate.
It was such the atmosphere in Greece last year that I had to say something.
It was filmed in one day, under 10 hours of net filming.
It was 100% funded by me, while many people worked for the project at a voluntary basis.
Priceless was the help offered by film companies in Cyprus with both equipment and services, and also the Sea Museum which kindly let us filming in the building.
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