...may be thought as someone who switches on a light in a dark room

Athina Malapani Sep 19. 2017
by Athina Malapani

Inspiration is a call for life and a sign that you are alive. It broadens your mind and makes you feel and be more creative, as you are able to find a way to express yourself, your inner feelings and emotions, no matter how important they are or whether they are positive or negative. It feels like opening a door to a new world, a new universe where everything is different. Weird creatures seem to be the new forms of life and the acceptance of that unusual and untypical appearance makes the inspired world better. 

What if we try to accept difference in our everyday lives?

Maybe it’s high time to start thinking about that…

Inspiration may be thought as someone who switches on a light in a dark room. And after that, not only the darkness disappears, but also another light of various colors is turning on and everything is going brighter & brighter, more & more colourful, exciting and thrilling continuously …

Lights are like our minds -or even our minds- which may broaden… However, that’s not for sure; that’s not permanent; it isn’t forever…  It is needed to struggle with the difficulties and find ways to keep those lights opened, to keep our minds opened to difference … 

Inspiration means thinking; trying to think more or better (or both of them); trying to accept the difference, the Other without judging him or her; making efforts to give motivation to the others to think in their own way and become free. 

Freedom can be -or must be- the result of the inspiration, as inspiration without freedom doesn’t survive. Undoubtedly, freedom needs inspiration. 

Being inspired by the thoughts and feelings of the others and express your own ones is like painting the world with a great deal of colors. All becomes like a rainbow after the strong rain… In any ways, color always gives inspiration and optimism for the future…

And the life blooms, like a tree in the light …!


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