The hope story

Making a child’s dream come true

Alexandros Kastrinakis Sep 01. 2017
by Alexandros Kastrinakis

I am Alexandros Kastrinakis. 

My child had a diagnosis of kidney cancer,  one and a half year ago. Then followed surgery, medical radiations, and other heavy medical treatment, with no results. The situation deteriorated so rapidly that Greek doctors gave no chance to her… Me, as a parent, I was focused on my premium goal: To take my child back home. I never gave up…till I finally found a chance.
The physical condition of my child was good, so I searched and found a medical center in UK.  We sent the tissue for further analysis in the USA. There are things that can be done.
Evaggelia is a strong child - In contrast of what the medical exams have shown.  She always smiles a very vivid child, which is something that makes me try even harder to keep the hope alive, to take my child back home.
Evaggelia is 8 years old, we have one more girl  9,5 years old, we are a happy family. Even if you cannot support us financially you can share this which is also helpful for us. I feel that people can drive my child to the land of hope. 
Doctors in the UK told us that this is a real hard case, however, there are things to be done, therefore there is a hope. Other children in the past, had no chance in our country, but they survived against all odds.  This is why I still hope. 
Since 1,5 year we have moved to the closest Ogologic Clinic which deals with such incidents. It is 150 km far from home.  We left our jobs and we have been literally attached to our child. We have also taken our older child with us, and fight all together here.  We strive to stay a united family and overcome all the difficulties. 
All this time I struggle to keep my child away from all this stress. She knows about the treatments, and she knows that this is for her good. She also knows that she is going to do these treatments, probably in the UK.
My child - don’t forget that- is dreaming to come back to school and to her home.Those dreams are inspiring us to move forward, to fight,  to make them finally come true. 
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