Athens / Greece (1 stories)
Kilkis / Greece (1 stories)
Antigoni, Despina, Erasm;ia, Kristalia, Lamprini, Silvia and Christine are the 8 women, who decided toy join their power, their know how and their pasion to create a very good milk by the "Women milkproducers of the Ginekokastro.  The six of the are coming from the farming sector for many years.
Jonkoping / Sweden (1 stories)
I specialize in producing high-quality motion-controlled Time Lapse cinematography and regular filmmaking. Using Inventive methods to visualize time and to capture the character of the event or subject.
Switzerland / Switzerland (1 stories)
 PhD, Dr. Visiting Assoc.
Athens / Greece (5 stories)
Owner/Head Instructor Lifeguard Hellas Save & Rescue Volunteer Team. Νominated for the global heroism award for commendable rescues at sea.
Athens / Greece (6 stories)
Giannis Drakos was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece and raised in Oropos, next to the sea. He studied Visual Arts in the University of Bedfordshire, UK where he graduated with a First Class degree.
Pennsylvania / United States (1 stories)
Zenos Frudakis (born 1951) is a figurative sculptor whose subjects include portraits of living and historical individuals and poetic/philosophical sculpture. His roots are from Chania Crete.
Thessaloniki / Greece (1 stories)
Ktima Gerovassiliou has been involved in vine cultivation and winemaking since 1981. On the slopes of Epanomi, a few kilometers away from the city of Thessaloniki, a meticulously well-cared vineyard surrounds the modern winery, where the renowned estate wines are produced.
Athens / Greece (8 stories)
Gifa Dimitra is 23 years old and has studied Social Work. Currently she is not working, but keeps her hopes.
Heraklion / Greece (1 stories)
Ethnomusicologist, Folklorist & Cultural Anthropologist (M.A.
Afganistan / Afghanistan (1 stories)
Chania / Greece (10 stories)
She was born in Chania in 1971 where she lieves and works. She studied Compurter Sciecne at the University of Crete and works as Computer teacher at the second level education.
Chania / Greece (1 stories)
Alexandros Kastrinakis was borned on 1984 at Chania. He is father of two daughters 8 years old and 9,5 years old.