Before submitting your story please read the following instructions.

  1. Add all your files in a .zip or .rar file and attach it to the form below.
  2. Please use numbers if you wish your photos to be in a special order.
  3. If you are submitting a VISUAL story, please make sure to attach your photos in the zip file and add a .txt or .doc file with the according texts. Name the photo files 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc and add text with the number in front. Keep the text fot each photo under 150 words.
  4. Acceptable images format are .jpg and .png. Please make sure that the size of each photo does not exceed 200KB.
  5. The minimum dimensions of at least 2 photos must be at least 1200x500px
  6. Send us the link or the embed code of the video or sound files, as far as they are online. Alternatively, you can compress the original files with the photos.
Every story you share on   CHARACTERS   can inspire, motivate, educate or offer solution for some people accross the world.
Thank you in advance

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