The metamorphosis of a caterpillar

It is said that someone completely dies when we forget about him

Afrodite Polaki May 09. 2017
by Afrodite Polaki


I remember

when I was a kid, about six years old. I was really calm and rather mature for my age as I would rather spending time with my grandmother and enjoy her company. She gave me a beautiful feeling of fellowship and security! I would spend so many hours sat down in the garden with her talking about several topics and learning new things from her constantly. Once, I got to learn too something new to my grandmother... At least I tried to explain it to her! So I was explaining during hours to her that caterpillars, that she hated so much, would evolve through time to colorful and lovely butterflies which adorned our garden with color and spark! My grandmother doubted that something like that is true, so she kept killing those ''harmful'' caterpillars that ate her favorite flowers. But I, being a stubborn little girl, wanted to save at all costs these lovely animals! So I decided to prove my sayings by feeding a caterpillar in a small box. I did something so simple, yet something that stayed forever in my mind and helped me pursue goals in my life. So I was feeding my caterpillar daily with some branches from my grandmom's flowers and explained her daily its progress: from the natural weight gain and then at the cocoon developing until finally, after a long time the butterfly metamorphosis!

I remember with every detail the morning that I woke up and run to my box, as I did every day, but saw the butterfly. I took the box quickly and run barefoot in my pajamas at grandmom's house to finally show her my butterfly. I was beating her door until she opened, looking wondering because of my early morning visit. I was jumping with joy and suspense as I was opening the box, showing her my colorful butterfly... I placed it on my grandmother's wrist and brought it closer to her: Do you believe me now? I asked her. She smiled and promised me that she would never kill a caterpillar ever again. The process later became a tradition and every year after that I would collect caterpillars and grew them up in my box, showing them to my grandmom and picking with her which one is the best!

Now I'm fifteen years old and grandmom has died. Her body at least because her soul is still living...

It is said that someone completely dies when we forget about him.

So my grandmom is immortal because I will never forget about her! Years have passed by and I and things around me have also changed, but i keep her in my memory so I continue our little tradition. This so simple process that for me is the best memory that my grandmother gave me. 

Photography by Pexels
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